Skyland, VA Outdoor Activities

Near the foggy tops of one of the tallest mountain ranges in Virginia lies Skyland. Once boasting its own Post Office, Skyland is now a part of the Shenandoah National Park. Nestled in the Northern Section of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is only 90 miles from Washington, D.C. but remains worlds away from the hub-bub of big city living.

Skyland, originally called Stony Man Camp, was built in 1895 on what inevitably became the highest point on the scenic driving route that runs the length of the Shenandoah National Park. This route, called the “Skyline Drive“, is most frequently trafficked by leaf-peepers during the Fall seasons as the leaves change into their autumnal colors. The natural sights and sounds offered up in the Blue Ridge mountains will give pause to even the most seasoned of backpackers and trail runners.

From a distance travelers will quickly understand the reason behind the name of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the early morning or late evening hours campers and hikers alike can spot the bluish haze blanketing the peaks as the sun begins to rise over the horizon. What comes into view over the horizon is a sight so breathtaking and breathtaking that photographs will be taken of the area forever.

Nestled in the Northern Section of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the return route to the Appalachian Trail, Skyline Drive provides a variety of options for your day trip. You can spend a few hours driving around the zigzagging trails to view the wildlife and an hour or two at the Geocaching site.

Geocaching is a woodland treasure hunt game played between fellow hikers. The “treasure” in this game is a container that once found will bring its occupant to a specified location at the specified time. h Get thee to remote locations around the confines of Skyline Drive and thee shalt find thyself immersed in a world of scenic beauty and wonders unknown to mankind.

On the way to the Geocaching site, ponder the history of the structure and what its purpose was. Did you know that the gas lights that are along the Western Used Highway were actually railroad hot tubes? Thermos bottles and tranq bottles were used as containers in the tunnels as well. Did you know that the Hotel Killebrew was once a nursing home? The administers of the hotel heard the pleas of housekeepers who tried to Nerf ball on the basketball court and volleyball nets. They replaced the lights with C-lights and had the plumbing installed. When you are playing hard to find pumpkins, Morphine, atromorphine, and other drugs can beUsed as a pain reliever. The name of the game is Geocaching and the objective is to find hidden containers using GPS technology.

Just as in Julian calendar, there are also Astronomy and Space exploration packages. If you’re interested in going into space, they have a historic shuttle flight where you can observe the earth from approximately 4,000 miles away. The cost of this ride is $80.

Geocaching is a high-tech form of treasure hunting that has enthusiasts around the globe. There are dozens of Boards set up to help you find containers hidden throughout the world. The first person to find the container receives a first class postage stamp. After finding the treasure, you replace it with something else. You then receive a second kind of stamp based on the weight of the box. Your third option is spending sixty seconds writing the description of the treasure on the reverse side of the box.

Even with these added features, geocaching is still relying on technology to aid in the tracking process. With a high degree of accuracy, technology can locate the treasure within a reasonable amount of time. When it comes to technology we are most concerned with devices that can measure exact sizes and weights of geocaches. These units can sense the mass and nearest surrounding environment.

Only interested Letter carriers and Experienced riders should print out the geocaching form completely and turn it in at the Post Office.

If the printer returns the letter, you still have a nice souvenir of your exploration.

But the most cliche thing I am hearing the moment I walk in is ” HAVE FUN ” Bring a friend or two and have a safe and fun filled adventure.